CPAP Machine and Mask Servicing Package

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CPAP Machine and Mask Servicing Package

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CPAP Machine and Mask Servicing Package

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  • $150.00

The Servicing Package includes the following:

  • For our CPAP users
  • Valid one year from date of online purchase
  • Preventive Maintenance x 1 time
  • CPAP Cleaning x 1 time
  • Purchase of one nasal mask at $99 (Applicable for Shop purchase only)
  • Enjoy 30% off filters and tubing (Applicable for Shop purchase only)
  • Entitled to buy a new CPAP at 20% discount (Applicable for Shop purchase only)
  • Prior appointment required for Servicing. Please call 6514 1244 for more details and appointment booking
  • Comes with complimentary DreamStation Wi-Fi Accessory Modem (While Stocks Last)


Terms and Conditions Apply.

  • Discount is based on regular price and not for promotional items.
  • Junnimed Services reserves the right to amend the package without prior notice.

Recommended if you purchase CPAP machine and mask.

Have you been servicing your CPAP machine or clean your masks diligently? If not, join our Servicing Package now!

Taking care of your machine and mask is also taking care of yourself!

Call us at 6514 1243 to find out more on the Servicing Package!

For those who have joined our Servicing Package, remember to bring down your mask and machine for servicing!

Every Tuesday is our Servicing day!

For more information on the DreamStation Wi-Fi Accessory - Modem, please see our FAQ page or email us at