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Malvestio 332800 Bedside cabinet (KOMObì)

Anaesthesia Breathing circuit, Filters and Face masks

Malvestio 330450 Bedside cabinet (VANIty)

Philips Respironics CPAP AUTO

Malvestio 330400 Bedside cabinet (VANIty)

Vital Signs En-Flow Blood Warmer

Malvestio 332470 Overbed Table (KOMObì)

Malvestio 332480 Overbed Table (KOMObì)

Fisher & Paykel MR810 Heated Humidifier

Malvestio 332420 Bedside cabinets (KOMObì)

Malvestio 332820 Bedside cabinet (KOMObì)

Neobar ET Tube Holder

Malvestio 332840 Bedside cabinet (KOMObì)

Malvestio Hydraulic stretcher for Endoscopy 320830 (enthes)

Malvestio Hydraulic stretcher for Emergency/ICU 320830 (inthes)

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